Who is eligible to apply for a Cultural Coalition grant?

Tax-exempt organizations and governments serving Jackson County whose project clearly demonstrates the direct support of work in the arts, heritage, and humanities. Download the JCCC Grant Application 2019.


What is the size of the grants?

Grants usually range from $1,000 to $3,000.


What type of arts, heritage and humanities project might be eligible for a grant?

Examples of eligible projects include: events or programs for galleries, museums, support of public art and art education, cultural fairs and festivals; concerts or theater series; enrichment and education efforts associated with varied fields including history, philosophy, languages, literature, archaeology, ethics, etc.


What are grant funds intended to be used for?

Cultural Coalition grants are intended to fund projects that meet the primary goals and priorities of the JCCC. Funds from Cultural Coalition grants may be used only for programs and services that serve residents of Jackson County. Funds may not be used for project expenditures taking place prior to January 1 or after December 31 of the designated grant year.


Can I apply for building repairs or renovations? 

Generally not; however, if your project supports access or reflects a clear emergency need, we may make an exception. For example, an access ramp supporting ADA compliance would be a reasonable request, as would bilingual signage. Emergency repairs needed to preserve artistic, heritage or cultural resources may also be considered.


Can our organization apply for support for its endowment?

No. Because of the size of the grant pool we are not considering requests to support endowments.


Can our organization apply for support for general operations? 

No, we are not considering requests to support general operating expenses.


Does my non-profit organization need to be headquartered in Jackson County?

No, but the Jackson County Cultural Coalition will give preference to organizations with headquarters in Jackson County.


My organization does not yet have independent nonprofit status. Can we apply for a grant?

Individuals cannot apply for grants, and organizations that do not have tax-exempt status cannot apply either. However, individuals and non-qualified organizations may partner with qualified fiscal sponsors who are tax exempt. Please be sure to complete the portion of the application form for fiscal sponsors.


My organization is considering becoming a fiscal sponsor for a group that does not have tax-exempt status. What does JCCC expect of my organization?

Your organization must assure that you have the legal authority to accept the grant; that a resolution, motion, or similar action has been duly adopted by your governing body authorizing the application; you have identified an official authorized to act in connection with the application and that you will comply with all the conditions of the grant application and the grant award agreement letter. A copy of your organization’s IRS determination letter under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code will be included in the application packet. If the application is successful, grant funds will be awarded to the fiscal sponsor and the fiscal sponsor will be responsible for all reports being submitted to JCCC in a timely manner.


Can an organization apply for more than one grant in a given funding cycle? 

Generally not.  We work to spread the funding among a range of organizations. However, if an organization submits more than one application that can impact substantially different populations or locations, we may consider exceptions.


If you have additional questions, please contact us today.